Bros Can Be Cruel To Each Other But This Just Might Be The Meanest Brother-On-Brother Prank In Recorded History

I’ve seen some pretty cruel brother-on-brother pranks in my day, and way back in the day I was on the receiving end of some vicious pranks from older brother. I don’t talk about my older brother too often on here because the world lost him back when I was 13-years-old, but he was eleven years older than me and that meant that he was going through H.S. when I was just a little kid. Now I’ll tell you bros about the most vicious prank my older brother ever pulled on me.

This was back in the late 80s and early 90s, when the Friday the 13th movies were all the rage, with Jason Voorhees wearing that iconic hockey mask and chopping up campers. Well one time I was over at my aunt’s house, I must’ve been like 8 or 9 years old, and my older cousin was babysitting me and a few other cousins.

The circuit breaker/master power switch to my aunt’s house was for some reason located on the outside of her house, so my brother and his best friend Stuart got together (also R.I.P. to Stuart, be extremely careful when riding your motorcycles, bros) and they thought it would be funny to cut the power to my aunt’s house and run around the house banging on all the windows, occasionally popping up in the windows with a glow-in-the-dark Jason Voorhees hockey mask. This of course scared the ever living shit out of us kids so we hid in a closet.

Well, once they figured out we were hiding in a closet they came in the house and blocked the closet door using a chair. This was one of those closes where the door has slits so you can see out of it in an angle. They then proceeded to keep us locked in there while they ordered a pizza and ate it in front of us while we could see and smell that pizza through the door…Just a straight up asshole prank, but if I was ever in a pinch my older bro would’ve been the first person I called.

I’m only telling this story today because the anniversary of his passing was this past week and it’s good to get it out every now and then. So just do me a favor and go hug your brother today or the next time you see him, because you never know if it’ll be the last time or not. Sorry to get so deep on you bros but I only do this once a year.