This Woman Claims She Doesn’t Need Medication To Treat Her Bipolar Disorder Because She’s A Sex Addict

Sex is one of those sins with a silver lining. You’re a whore (no matter your gender) if you are fucking two-thirds of your town’s population, but having it frequently can also lead to many health benefits, like improved sleep, stress relief and lower blood pressure.

My favorite “sex benefit” theory came out a few years ago when science told us the more men cum, the younger they will look. Provided we don’t live like Keith Richards the rest of the time. Suffice it to say, that news did no favors for my already disgusting Internet search history — I don’t use private browsing, that shit is for cowards.

A benefit I didn’t know about, however, is that being a sex addict could prevent you from having to take medication if you’re also bipolar. Or at least that is what this lady is selling. After losing her virginity at 13-years-old, Sarah Defrates says she has spent her entire adult trying to control her addiction to sex. And, up until recently she didn’t realize that very addiction has been “allegedly” helping her bipolar disorder.

This might come as a surprise to most of you, but I’m not the Internet’s foremost authority on bipolar disorder; I don’t think I have any friends or family with it, either. So if you are an “expert” feel free to corroborate, or shit on, this woman’s claims in the comments.