Meet Handie, The Nintendo Power Glove For Your Penis

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This is the most creepily terrifying way to jack off, and I know all about terrifying ways to touch your junk in the name of pleasure.

The Handie is a rubber glove, with a little tip for your nubbin’. Stick it in, and slide it up and down. The video of how it works is below, but here first are some GIFs I’ve giffed up to show you the neat (disturbing) tricks it does.

Here is the red hand of death about to clamp down on your penis.

Watch it ooze out its own spooge, which you are supposed to slop on your dick in preparation.

Now push that cum out!

But the SEXTY Four Thousand Dollar question? Why would you use this? Well, founder Maxx Padilla had this to say to The Daily Dot:

“It’s basically an all-in-one. It not only solves the problems these people have with the tubes, but it also solves the embarrassment factor of sex dolls and tubes, which are big and awkward to use.”

Oh yea, sure. This…



… is TOTALLY not embarrassing to have lying around. That’s just my Power Glove for my cock. You’d be just like this guy.

No one would laugh at you for using that.

If you want to feel it on you, though, fund it now. The hand is only $68,000 away from its goal and fifty bucks will get you your own.

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