Meet Mike Stud, a New Rapper with a Penchant for ‘College Humor’

by 8 years ago

BroBible: How did you get started rapping?

Mike Stud: Well, I went to Duke, on a baseball scholarship, had a great start to my career there, on the field, and I ended up having Tommy John surgery on my elbow. So my senior year, I kind of cooled off a bit, I had had surgery, I was recovering, and just kind of picked up a hobby with a beat machine, started making some music. No background at all, the cheapest equipment possible, we were just doing it for fun, a complete hobby. As it progressed to people around Duke, we were playing parties, and everyone’s like “you guys are really good,” and it was all just kind of a joke.

This summer, I decided to go to Georgetown, use my fifth year to play baseball and go to school, and I got a new Mac computer and started making my own music on it. It was still a complete hobby, and I would just send it off to my buddies. Then all of a sudden, about five days before I was supposed to go to Georgetown, I got a call from a guy named Gerven, an R&B singer out of Boston. He said, “Hey, someone sent me one of your tracks.” I couldn’t believe it. I thought someone was messing with me. He just goes, “Yeah, I got it and I really like your sound, I’m a recording artist and I was looking for someone with kind of a smooth sound, it’s an R&B track.” So I did that on a whim. I thought it would be the last time I recorded in a serious manner, and sure enough two weeks later I get a call from Gerven, saying, “Hey we released the track and it’s all over the Internet.” He gave me like 10 sites to check out. I couldn’t believe it, it was a complete shock to me, but that’s where it got a little bit more serious.

So is your rapping inspired by that college experience?

I would say some of it is. I mostly rap about girls, you know, and the funny things that go on in college. I would definitely say that the college experience has rubbed off on everything I do.

The college scene for rappers is getting huge, so how do you differentiate yourself from all of those guys?

If you look at my lyrics, you see I try to put wit into every line I put down. I try not to waste lines, I try to put in things that sound good, I try to put in things that’ll make people laugh. I try to put in current news things, like if you listen to “College Humor” you hear that I put in Brett Favre, because he was all over the news when I wrote that, and when I put it all in, I think I bring in something different.

What would you say is the message of your music?

I’m not saying I go crazy partying, I’m a student athlete here, and that comes first, but at the same time, we have a great time. That’s kind of a universal message to kids in college. It’s just a reflection of how it all started. I was literally just doing it for fun, I wasn’t trying to launch a career. I think that’s kind of the way I approach music: I love music, and even if I do make this into a career, it will always be fun.  

So what’s next for Mike Stud?

Well, we’re shooting and launching the video for “College Humor,” and if it takes off properly, it could reach a lot of people. I think putting a face to the music is really important and I think this video’s going to do that. Then, if I could get a big-name collaboration, like with Wale or Mike Posner [a friend from Duke], that’d be a huge opportunity as well.

Anything to say to the Brommunity?

I’ve been a member of the Brommunity for a long time! I hope they can accept and relate to the music that I bring, and want to thank everyone for listening!

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