Megatron The Transformer Puts A Millennial Girl ON BLAST When She Tries To Take A Selfie With Him

by 6 years ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 8.49.28 PM


This COULD NOT BE any better. While visiting Universal Studios, Megatron (the Transformer, not Calvin Johnson) put a girl on BLAST while trying to record a selfie. If you close your eyes and pretend its coming from a self-aware robot with a Einstein-esque IQ, his diatribe about this generation’s narcism is SPOT ON.

When you think about how it’s *probably* just a cheaply paid working grunt at an amusement park with a pepperoni face full of acne getting some giggles on the mic, well, I guess that’s a bit different. But, hey: Whatever gets you through the work day.

We salute you anyway, Megatron. Your message is exactly what every selfie-snapping member of the millennial generation needs to hear.