Men Explain The Positives Of Having A Small Penis And It Doesn’t Sound So Bad

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Small Penis


On Reddit, where all the great admissions in life occur, a user asked men with small dinguses what some of the positives were to having a tiny peen.

None of responders took the question seriously, probably because none of these people actually has a tiny dick, but some of the answers had a little truth behind the jokes.

For example…

“You can lie on your stomach.” –Ph0xtrot

“Less likely to touch the germ ridden bowl when you pee!” –goldenpie25

“Pissing on your balls keeps you warm in the winter.” –ThickDickVein

“More room in my pocket to place my lunch” –goodhotchill

“I only have to buy a small bag of popcorn to hide my dick in at movie theater.” –DeadpooI

While the answers are comical I absolutely believe them to be seeped in truth. People with small dicks can sleep on their stomach easier, have accidentally pissed on their balls and…ok, I’m not sure I believe guys with micropenises are whipping them out in movie theaters but it does make sense since it’s a dark.

A young woman who dated a guy with a minuscule member came to his defense to explain why his small penis was actually a good thing.

Okay so my first boyfriend was pretty fucking small… HOWEVER! I happen to have an unfortunately shaped vagina that is also very small… and the cervix tilts the wrong way.

My first boyfriend is the only guy who has ever made me cum during sex, because his dick was small enough that it wasn’t painfully smashing into my weirdly tilted cervix with every thrust, it was just pleasantly bottoming out by the g-spot, and if you have g-spot orgasms there’s not really a “this feels too sensitive” come down from the orgasm, you can just keep going and it feels just as amazing.

10/10, would totally fuck a guy with a small dick again. –DreyaNova

Anyone out there with a small dick should start every Tinder convo with “what’s the shape of your vagina?”

And finally, this guy makes the best point of all…

“If you were to tragically lose three fingers in a boating accident you could still masturbate.” –be_my_plaything

Well said, baby dick.

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