This Men vs. Women Debate Comes Down to One Thing: Sex

by 8 years ago

Not to get all historical on you guys, but I don’t think there are many stories about chicks going to war over a dude they wanted to bang… but Helen of Troy, anyone? And how many of you have watched helpless as your Bro-tastic friend goes down a rabbit hole of a relationship in which he turns into a whipped little b*tch? Why? The power of p*ssy, gentlemen. How many famous women get trapped in paying out ridiculous sums of money to keep groupies, flings, interns, or escorts quiet to protect their reputation, a la Tiger Woods? Just about… none.

But, I digress. The point is, who can piss where, or keep which junk in place when hitting the gym, are, well, idiotic arguments on both sides. We all know it pretty much comes down to sex, and until Bros figure out a way to out-maneuver us, and get the one thing we have that you all want (without resorting to anything stupid), we’ll continue to have the upperhand. Still, we’ll do our best not to abuse that power.

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