Just a Photo of Michael Jordan Gambling with a Fat Stack of Benjamins

by 9 years ago

Of course, throwing around thousands of dollars in cash without a care in the world isn't really the best look while your employees are on strike without a contract. Pesky labor disputes. Meanwhile, locked-out NBA players who once idiolized Jordan are now lambasting him for betraying of their trust. In fact, it seems like the only superstar pledging his allegiance to the Jordan camp is Chicago native D-Wade, who's taking the “once a hero, always a hero” approach.  Via Eye on Basketball:

In case you missed it, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace said that Jordan betrayed NBA players, former New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury called Jordan a “fake sellout”, Golden State Warriors wing Klay Thompson and Indiana Pacers wing Paul George agreed that Jordan was a “straight hypocrite”, and Washington Wizards guard Nick Young pledged never to wear Jordan's sneakers again. Jordan has generally enjoyed that rare combination of being loved, feared and respected, so all the criticism has been unusual, to say the least.

Perhaps such a douchey photo was even taken or re-leaked by a current NBA player in Jordan's circle of trust as payback? It wouldn't be much a stretch considering the ongoing labor dispute. Still, when it comes to Jordan being a boss, the “Pro Stars” theme continues to ring true: “Jordan jams in your face/gonna put them in your place.” Especially when there's seven large on the table.

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