Yes, Dear: I Would Like To See A Mike O’Malley ‘Guts’ Supercut

by 6 years ago

So many possible headlines were thrown around our office for this spiffy “Guts” supercut of Mike O’Malley telling contestants to “Spill Your Guts” that we figured we’d just list them all.

  • The Mike O’Malley ‘Guts’ Supercut Your Penis Has Longed For
  • In Them Guts: The Mike O’Malley Supercut Big Government Doesn’t Want You to See
  • The Mike O’Malley Supercut Too Hot for Mo’s Wedding Reception
  • 50 Pieces of the Aggro Crag We’d Like to F*ck
  • The Mike O’Malley Supercut That Raised Nick Kids
  • The Mike O’Malley Supercut That Named a Million Irish Bars
  • The Mike O’Malley Supercut So Shocking it Caused Early-Onset Male-Pattern Baldness
  • This Mike O’Malley ‘Guts’ Supercut Will Remind You of Childhood, Mo’s Breasts
  • No Guts, No Glory, Eventually No Hair: The Mike O’Malley Story
  • Touched by an Angel: Mike O’Malley’s Sordid Love Affair With a Young Hispanic Boy
  • This Mike O’Malley “Guts” Supercut Proves He Knows At Least 13 Words
  • Before the Ball Caps: A Look Back at Mike O’Malley’s Hairline
  • ‘He Put His Slime All Over Me’: Nick Rocked By Its Own Sandusky
  • Spill Them Guts: Mike O’Malley’s Role in Childhood Bulimia


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