Congressional Candidate Accidentally Shares His Porn Tabs To Facebook, Is A Fan Of The ‘Tight Body’

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Who here isn’t a fan of a “TIGHT BODY.”

Come on. Come on.

We all are. So our sympathies lie with Congressional candidate Mike Webb (not really, or we wouldn’t be posting this), who accidentally shared his porn preferences to Facebook.

Webb is running as an independent in Virginia’s 8th District. Today, he took to FB to talk about the trouble he had finding job a long time ago. It’s sort of nonsensical, but with the story, he attached a search page about the recruiting firm he used that fucked him over and that he says was run by one of his opponents and is totally bunk.

But to the left of that tab? Some good old pornography. Like videos called ‘Layla Rivera Tight Body’ and ‘Ivone Sexy Amateur,’ which point to Xvideos and RedTube respectively.

Both good sites. Man shows good judgement in that, at least.


Did we Google the videos? You’re damn right we did.

Ivone has a clit ring.

[Via Daily Caller, H/T @chelseaadelaine ]

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