Military Bro Carves Tree Trunk Into a Gigantic Penis, Then Snow Fell and He Gave It a Body

God, this is the weirdest fucking thing I've ever covered, and that includes the countless posts I've written about the abominable crime of buggery. Of course, unlike people who fuck horses, this is weird is the most awesome of ways. 

Here is his email to us:

This story starts 2 years ago. I had some money saved up after a deployment to Afghanistan and bought my first house. Now seeing after being in the military there's this thing where you see drawings of dicks everywhere, in the shitters, on memos, etc. Wherever you can think of , someone has drawn a dick or made a dick out of a stick or a rocket or anything dick shaped. Haha no homo. So anyways one night while pounding back some brews around a fire my brother a.k.a. “Crawdad” had this idea to chop this shitty tree down because it was an eyesore. But after seeing countless dicks scribbled, etched and carved across the world I figured “meh, why not make the supreme dick.” So we chopped some wood. After a days worth of work there was a dick sculpture made out of wood in my back yard. It's been there for over a year, the neighbors have yet to complain but only laugh at it and shake their heads. But today the dick grew a body and lets just say, he's looking good! Attached are some pics of said tree. This is what happens when booze, shitty Iowa weather and an imaginative mind goes wild. Enjoy the “Infantry Dick!”

Uh yeah, chalk this up as the most interesting reader email we've gotten all week. 

P.S. He said he's sending more photos. My breath is bated. 



[H/T: Reader Email]