Millennial Sheepdog Hated Doing His Job So Much He Ran 240 Miles To Be Back Home

If there’s one thing millennials hate, it’s having to have a job. No, they’d be much happier being at home, living with their folks, not working at all.

By that measure, Pero the sheepdog is the most millennial of us all.

He was sent to a farm 240 miles away to do some sheep dogging. You know, herding sheep and the whatnot.

But he hated it, so he booked it home. Pero had only been at his job for a few weeks when he bailed on the career he’d been trained to do. Twelve days later, he showed up at his owner’s doorstep.

No one knows how Pero made the long journey home without help. All I’ll say is never underestimate a millennial’s desire to not do the job they are supposed to.

Like the coddling parents that enabled this generation, Pero’s owners said they wouldn’t send him back to the farm to work.


[Via Atlas Obscura and the BBCfa]