Of Course Horny Millennials Are Already Using Snapchat Spectacles To Make Sex Tapes With Each Other


Snapchat is king when it comes to person-to-person communication with a smartphone. It grew it’s reputation as a “sexting app” back in the day, complete with frat-as-fuck e-mails like this to BroBible in 2010, the very early days of both our respective companies.



In 2017, Snapchat — now corporately called “Snap Inc” — will IPO and be a billion-zillion dollar tech/media unicorn. In the meantime, their latest glasses product — Spectacles — is being used EXACTLY how you’d imagine it: To record sex tapes in 30-second bursts.

Kerry Flynn at Mashable has a great piece asking Spectacles users how they’re using the Snapchat glasses to record their sex acts with each other. Richard, a banker in New York City, is a fan of wearing Spectacles to record sex because “it’s easier than a phone”

Rachel’s not alone. Financial analyst Richard was interested in filming himself in the act with a recent girlfriend. He saw the perfect opportunity, when he got a pair of Spectacles from the shop in New York.

“It seemed easy, and better than a phone,” he told Mashable. “I liked my point of view instead of a side table, because it feels more authentic. I was there, and this is what I’m seeing, and I remember what I was feeling when I re-watch the videos.”

Key work: Authentic. That’s always gonna be a sex/porn game changer. And it’s not just dudes. Ladies are just as into it:

“I’ve used it by myself just to dance around and be sexual, and also, used it in the beginning stages [of sex] when I was still getting intimate with a partner,” Rachel, the media entrepreneur, said.

The experience wasn’t seamless. Rachel and her partner chose to wear one pair of glasses and pass them back and forth during foreplay. Spectacles also only records up to 30 seconds, with the press of the button three times.

“It definitely takes you out of the moment a little bit,” she said.

Out of the moment? Uh-oh! So be warned — Spectacle use could be a boner killer.

And if a couple really wants to mix things up, get two pairs of Spectacles and record each other. Note Jennifer’s experience, as told to Mashable:

Jennifer, a publicist, said her partner and her both wore them, the first time, which felt fun, but two pairs of Spectacles make for strange bedfellows—literally. To say nothing of the viewing, itself.

“We thought we would try it, but the first five minutes we were laughing. I think teal”—the color of her Spectacles—”was a bad choice,” she said.

“I deleted the videos right after, and we tried again.”

A series of 10-, 20- and 30-second clips are now saved on her personal iPhone, which Jennifer said she’s privately masturbated to, and also, sent to her boyfriend.

Go read the full article over at Mashable. Pretty wild that a pair of high-tech sunglasses are about the be the biggest game changer in the bedroom since KY Duration Spray.

Eh, Matt?

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