This is How Much Real Estate You Can Buy with $1Million in Every Major U.S. City

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Maybe I’m jaded from all these years living in this hellscape called New York City, but I’m thinking if you can get something over 3,000 sq ft for $1mil, no matter what major city it is in — save for the bottom half of this list, you’re ahead of the game. Shit, if you could find a 2,358 sq ft place in desirable parts of NYC that didn’t need to be completely gutted and wasn’t in the rodent-infested basement of a 6-floor walk-up, I’d probably have a massive coronary out of pure shock. Primarily because that’s fucking impossible. Probably why the original article added this fun note the bottom, “Considering all five boroughs, the median price per square foot in New York City is $424. Looking just at Manhattan, however, that price jumps to an astronomical $1,538 per square foot, leading to $1 million buying just 650 square feet.”

650 square feet for 1 MILLION DOLLARS. That means I am renting a $1mil, one-bedroom apartment. My amenities include a perpetually clogged shower drain, a toilet, and a window on a high enough floor that if I need to kill myself I could.

Hot Tip: If you like nice things, don’t move here…

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