I’m Pretty Sure Miss Wisconsin Just Invited America To Smell Her Ass But I’d Like A Second Opinion

by 3 years ago

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsAt least let me buy you dinner first, babe. Actually dinner would probably be the worst idea.

Maybe before I inhale your rectum (like you just requested) we can start by introducing ourselves? Call me old-fashioned, but I’d prefer to break the ice with a little small talk: favorite movies? life goals? whether or not you’ve eaten Chipotle in the past 12 hours? These are just a few of the prerequisites I traditionally have when a stranger asks me to take a drag of her poop shoot. I know, lame. Oh and Miss Wisconsin, last question: to what extent do I have to inhale? Like just a whiff or more like this kind of inhale?

bong mask


I’m oddly kind of excited to try new thin–Oh, wait. This just in.


Oh. I get it. Clever. Whatever. I didn’t want to smell your butt anyway.

Unless you’re into that kind of shit. Literally.


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