These 4 Moves Are Killing Your Dating Game — And You Probably Don’t Even Realize It



There’s a reason she’s no longer interested. Honestly, there are probably many, many reasons but there were more than a few red flags that made her absolutely lose interest. Luckily, most of the turnoffs are fixable. Guys just need to know they’re actually an issue.

The people at Curve fragrance for men are bringing to light some of the biggest turnoffs about men — according to women. Here are the four biggest sins men commit and how to fix each before the next date.

Never Shutting Up

A woman doesn’t want a man who only grunts and moans but she also doesn’t want a guy who’s going to smoother the conversation with “me, me, me.” There’s a delicate balance between talk and silence and it’s up to a guy to realize he’s yapping to much and to control his motor mouth.

Relying On Emojis

A smiley face here or a piece of pizza there is allowable. Conducting entire conversations in emoji and dropping tiny pics that half the texting world doesn’t know exist isn’t the best way to woo a woman. Way too often, what’s said in emoji and what’s meant are two totally different things. Don’t let a tiny digital image speak for you.

Smelling Like A Gym

It’s tough to get the stink of sweat of clothing and off yourself. As far as your clothing, wearing the same clothes on a date that you would to run a 5K is always a bad idea. Leave the gym clothes in the bag and invest in grown-up attire. Now, let’s concentrate on your body. Invest in a better shampoo, conditioner, body wash and used a damn wash cloth. A couple sprays of Curve and you’re ready to wow her into submission.

Constantly Checking Your Phone

Put.The.Damn.Phone.Down. When on a date, the woman you’re with is supposed to be the most important person at that time. She doesn’t feel very important as you’re live tweeting the main course and Instagram photos of your awesome cocktail. Put your phone in your pocket.