This SMOKING Hot Model Gave Her Boyfriend A Threesome For His Birthday Because She Couldn’t Find A Good Gift

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Daniella Chavez is either really stupid or really bad at buying gifts for people. Or both! That’s always a possibility, but maybe I’m being harsh. Whenever I don’t know what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday I go ahead and ask him what he wants, he tells me and then I go out and swipe my credit card around all in the name of having a “happy birthday.” But what does Daniella do?

She wanders around the mall for a few hours, decides that’s too hard and gives her boyfriend a threesome instead.

I mean…that’s a good gift too, I guess. Whether or not it was really necessary remains to be decided, although considering Daniella a Playboy model it’s probably safe to assume “necessary” isn’t in her vocabulary. No, literally. I doubt Daniella knows the definition of the word “necessary.”


The 25-year-old bombshell, from Las Condes, Chile, told the Mexican edition of Playboy: “It was the birthday of my favourite guy and I had spent two days around shopping malls to try and find him the perfect gift, but with no luck.

“A day before his birthday, I asked the help of a female friend working in a commercial centre and she said ‘give him a night of passion, a trio with another girl’.

“I laughed at it and asked where could I possibly find another girl since I have never been with one. She said she would help.(Via)

According to Daniella, her friend joined her and her boyfriend for dinner and drinks at their apartment and then the two girls started making out and stripping. She’ll only go as far as to say the experience was “fantastic” and that she’d do it again…but that’s just what she wants us to think. Maybe.

For all we know Daniella’s lying for free publicity and the threesome was a goddamn nightmare. Think about it, if the threesome you throw for your boyfriend’s birthday goes horribly because the other girl can’t take a dick to save her life and ends up literally shitting the bed after trying anal for the first time, I’m sure Daniella would want to keep it a secret. Are you smelling a conspiracy? Because I sure as hell am.

[H/T Mirror, header image via Twitter]