Insane Mom Thinks A Couple Pervy Bakers Snook A Teddy Bear Vagina Into Her Kid’s Cake

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Having a kid literally drives parents crazy. You become an insane, overbearing, overprotective mother or father almost overnight, doing the kind of nutso wack shit you never would imagine yourself doing when you were a fun, chill, carefree 20-something unencumbered by children.

Like, first off, buying you kid a $95 (that’s almost a hundred dollars) cake for their christening. Look at this shit.


Bolton News

Your kid isn’t even aware she’s taking a crap yet and you are getting them this? Damn.

This story would be crazy enough if I stopped here. Insane parent spends $100 on cake for baby. But Sharon Green lost it at the bakers when she saw what she thought was a vagina on one of the teddy bears.

Be fore-fucking-warned. This shit is not safe for anyone who has not spent an entire lifetime watching the hardest of hardcore pornography.


Bolton News


According to the bakers, it represents a seam where the bear is stitched, because it is a teddy bear and not a real bear. According to Green, though, it is a revolting bear box.

She wouldn’t even serve the dang cake. Per The Bolton News:

Sharon Green says she was horrified when she picked up the cake from Occasion Cakes for her three-year-old daughter Tahlia Rose’s christening and saw that it had a “crease” that makes the teddy look like it has female genitals

Mrs Green said: “This was not the cake I ordered — the display model definitely didn’t have this crease on it.

“It is completely inappropriate. The cake is supposed to be for a three-year-old girl. Instead, the guests [were served] strawberry gateau and profiteroles.

The bakers are denying her refund, because that’s not a bear’s vagina.

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