19-Year-Old Spots Couple Having Sex In Front Of Her House, Shares Pics To Shame Them From Doing It Again

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This cute 19-year-old mother of 2 was folding laundry at her home in Bridgwater when she looked out her living room window to see a couple having sex.

Lara Shoemark’s living room window faces an overpass/bridge, and at first the couple outside of her window were there just to escape the pouring rain. Soon, the couple started kissing, then rubbing, and before she knew what was happening the couple’s pants were down and they were straight up f**king in front of her window.

It turns out this wasn’t the first time she’s spotted them having sex in front of her window so the 19-year-old mother took action.

via Metro UK:

Lara, of Bridgwater, Somerset, said: ‘I was just in my living room and I’ve got a big window, half the length of the room.
‘I was hanging up my washing on the radiator when I saw them. I was in shock.
‘They were there for ten or 15 minutes. At first they just stopped underneath the bridge as it was really badly raining, for shelter.
‘Then they started kissing and then after a while he put his hands up her skirt and she put her hands down his trousers. You could see she was messing around.
‘After that he lifted her leg up and then they started having sex.

Her response to this couple getting it on in front of her house was to take the pictures you see above and plaster them all over the Internet.

This is the 3rd time the couple’s bumped uglies in front of her home and she’s worried that it’ll still be happening when her children are older. That’s not something she wants her kids to have to see, and rightfully so.

If this was me I’d have waited until they finished and then stepped out there with an air horn, alerting everyone in the area that something was going on, just to spook the couple into knowing that they weren’t alone. I’m not trying to cockblock a guy mid-sex and ruin the experience, but I’m also not trying to live in a situation where someone’s constantly having sex in front of my windows. I think the air horn solves this problem.

(h/t Metro UK)

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