Mom Catches Her Son Getting Head From Girl And Wins ‘Cockblock Of The Year’ For Her Incredible Rant

by 1 year ago

With 2016 winding down, this sweet mother who “keeps it real” has made a late and great run for “Cockblock of the Year.” The mother leaves the house, but returns unbeknownst to her son, who is in a room getting brain from a girl.

The mother pulls no punches and berates her son and his ladyfriend. “You a nasty bastard,” she says of her son.

The mother has a funny way of praising her son, “I know my son, he’s a slut.”

Then the mom goes after the girl, “You just sucked like five different bitches pussies right now.” This lady does not sugarcoat anything.

The mother seems quite concerned that her son invited this sword-swallower to “the shitty room.” Apparently, the son took his love interest into an unoccupied room where the dogs take dumps and nobody cleans it up. “You took her in a room full of dog shit?” the mom questions.

You’ve got to give props to this girl. She’s a damn trooper for giving fellatio in a room with dog shit all around.

“It’s all hot outside, he’s probably got salty balls,” the mother oddly speculates.


“She ain’t even got no toothpaste, she got the yuck mouth right now,” she said. All I’m doing is using the term “yuck mouth” today.

There’s really no need to watch the entire 8-minute video and you can probably stop watching at the 2:40 mark.

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