This Mom Tried Really Hard To Get Her Underaged Son Into A Bar (Like, Really Hard)

by 3 years ago


Sometimes you just want to blow off steam at a bar and you want to bring mom along for a couple beers. Unfortunately, you’re underage and your mom is a bitch.

This mom, however, is hella cool and totally down with her underaged son trying to get into a bar with a fake ID. She’s even willing to help the kid lie.

The mom, 56, and her son, 20, were arrested at a bar in Princeton, NJ on Saturday night. Cops say the young man “presented a driver’s license listing him as 23 years old and a bar employee questioned its validity.” Mom then argued with the bouncer that her son was really 23.

The employee then waved down a passing cop who intervened in the dispute and WHY YOU GOT TO GET THE FUZZ INVOLVED, BRO!?!?! Mom told the cops that the kid was really 23 because she must not know that the police can check that sort of information.


The kid was charged with tampering with public records for allegedly presenting a fake identification and mom was charged with hindering the apprehension of another. Both will have an awesome story to one day tell the grandkids.