This Kid’s Mom Wouldn’t Let Him Watch Porn In The House So He Got Naked, Jerked It Outside And Duh Got Arrested

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To be fair, I dunno what Anthony Smith’s mom expected. The guy is 21-years-old and can’t watch porn inside the house? Obviously the answer is to go somewhere else, but who wants to drive off to some seedy motel or public bathroom just to jerk off? That’s SO much effort for what, 4 minutes of jerking off? Total waste of gas if you’re driving.

So Anthony did the next smartest thing, which was instead of driving somewhere far away he went into his front yard and started jerking off while completely naked. I like to think most people I know would have the common sense to at least use your back yard so people won’t see you, but apparently it’s all about the thrill for Anthony.

“Instead, he goes outside nude and walks around hoping that someone will see him,” an arrest affidavit states.

That’s what Smith, 21, told Martin County Sheriff’s deputies Nov. 14 when they went to the 1900 block of Southeast Monroe Street in Stuart for a report of a nude dude.

Two people shortly after 1 p.m. said they saw Smith standing in his yard. He had no clothes on and was masturbating.

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Unfortunately for Anthony someone saw him and called the cops about the naked dude jerking off in a yard…or maybe that was fortunate for him since he was apparently hoping for an audience.

Anthony was arrested on an “exposure of sexual organs” charge, which I didn’t know existed until today so HOORAY for learning new things!

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