Watch The Terrifying Moment A Group Of Skiers Rescued A Little Kid Who Was Dangling From A Chairlift

Scenes like this send an icy cold shiver down my spine followed by tears. This is a true display of heroism at work. There is nothing more “bro” in life than a group of strangers gather to help a person in their most terrifying moments.

I can’t imagine what was racing through this kid’s mind when he started dangling from a chairlift. The poor guy had to be terrified considering that he’s a solid 35 feet in the air with nothing soft to fall into. Fortunately, a group of skiers came through in a HUGE way — They grouped together to break his fall, then realized that he’d be much better off falling into cushion from the lift tower.

It’s a terrifying moment, but it will restore your faith in humanity. Glad the little Bro is alright. Hope it doesn’t scar him from skiing for the rest of his life, though totally understandable if it does.

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