The Moms Are Back To Try And Guess What Even More Porn Terms Mean

by 4 years ago
moms guess porn terms

YouTube - Distractify

Look at her. She knowwws what MILF means. You go, mom!

Because the first go-round of moms trying to guess porn terms like BBW, DP, Money Shot and Glory Hole was so LOL funny, Distractify went ahead and did it again with a whole new set of porn terms to confuse and embarrass these poor women.

This time the ladies did WAY better with the terms that they were presented with. A couple of them, well, there’s no hope for them, but the rest, they did much better.

Maybe it was the terms. Are MILF, BBC, Golden Shower and Bukake more common knowledge in mom circles than BBW, DP, Money Shot and Glory Hole? It would appear that is exactly the case. At least with this set of moms. Scary.

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