Monkey Wearing Fancy Coat and Diaper Gets Loose in Ikea, Poses For Great Pictures

by 7 years ago

A North York Ikea store attracted an unusual customer Sunday afternoon, when a tiny monkey dressed in a fitted faux shearling coat and diapers appeared in the store’s upper parking garage around 2 p.m.

“It was just running around screaming,” said shopper Bronwyn Page. “There was a crowd of us around it and it seemed really scared and agitated.”

Animal Services identified the monkey as a rhesus macaque, an Asian species that is prohibited in Ontario. The monkeys are known for their ability to live in diverse habitats — although Canadian winters obviously require a warm coat.

The owner of the primate turned himself in to Animal Services just after 5 p.m. He was charged with owning a prohibited animal, an offence that carries a $200 fine.

A small price to pay for hilarity.

[H/T: Toronto Star]

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