This Moose Running Down The Highway At Full Sprint Is So Canada That It Hurts

by 3 years ago

Canada is a cool place. Maple syrup is delicious. It’s home to some of the funniest comedians on planet. The beer is pretty good. Hockey! I have no beef with our brothers in the great white north, except how big of assholes Habs fans are. But Canada’s stereotypes are too real sometimes. Sometimes they’re just asking to be made fun of, as South Park has done perfectly dozens of times.

Which brings us to this video of a moose running down a highway at full spring in Canada. It’s just so… Canada, eh?

Now we have to do something about that moose vs. moose violence.

Update: This video is from Sweden, the Canada of Europe. I guess I should have noticed how much the dude driving looks like Pewdiepie.

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