This Website Will Tell You How Many Murderers Share Your First Name



The team at Protection1 just released research revealing America’s most common criminal names. They combed through 30,000 arrest records to discover which names showed up the most frequently and for which crimes.

Here are just some of their findings.

Juan and Jeremy are the most common criminal names for a whopping seven states apiece.

Jeremy sweeps two categories — robbery and driving-related offenses.

Women’s names make up three of the top five most arrested people for fraud.

Alan is No. 1 for murder arrests.

So now you don’t have to feel bad about always getting a weird vibe around your buddy Alan.

Protection1 even put together this interactive feature let allows people to search their own name to find out how many people are ruining it for the both of them.

Shit. Alan is here. Everyone be cool.

[via Protection1]