The 28 Most Ridiculously Expensive Foods In The World

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To be considered rich, you need to have enough money that you can buy anything you want, whenever you want, and never have to worry about it.

That also means you will be spending time traveling around the world discovering new places and eating a variety of cuisines. Some times you will have to pay a little extra to get the best food but it is worth it, the food will be the most expensive thing you have ever eaten.

Does the cost of a food item make it taste any better? Or is it simply the fact that you are spending more money and normally when you spend a lot of money, people tend to automatically think it’s better. Regardless of whether it tastes good or not, expensive food exists all over the globe.

Since we haven’t been able to afford the most expensive foods in the world, we decided to show you what they look like and give you a list of options in case you ever find yourself in a position to spend a lot of cash without worrying about repercussions. Here are the most expensive foods from all over the world.

Most Expensive Food Items – By Size or Weight

To’ak Chocolate – $260/ounce

Toak Chocolate


The To’ak chocolate bar is very rare and hails from a country that most people forget about when it comes to chocolate, Ecuador. In 2014, they only had 574 bars of this stuff in the world. The chocolate comes from the 5% of mass produced cacao beans not used by the majority of chocolate companies around the globe. (Pic via


Kopi Luwak Coffee – $600/pound


Credit: Keren Su/Getty Images

The best coffee beans in the world come from a procedure where the coffee cherries are digested and defecated out by an Asian palm civet. As disgusting as it sounds, it is a method that has been used for a very long time and helps keep the price so high.


Matsutake Mushrooms – $1,000/pound


Credit: Takehiro Hiramatsu/A.collection via Getty Images

Due to the specific nature of their growth requirements, the matsutake mushrooms are very pricey because of their rarity to find the perfectly sized mushrooms that are usable.

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