The Most Expensive House Ever Cost $147 Million and Has a Mosquito-Breeding Ground


What does $147 million buy you? In, say, Burundi, probably the entire country (with a few million left over). In East Hampton, it’s 18 acres.

Just a few months after the previous most expensive home in America traded hands—Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich, $120 million—hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein bought a beachfront property at Further Lane for a stupid amount of money (without, surprisingly, using a broker).

Jerry Seinfeld is a neighbor. There’s a lake in the middle of the grounds. But overall, the house isn’t really what you think of when you think “home for $147 million.” I’m seeing a conspicuous lack of indoor basketball arenas, death rays mounted to the roof, and roller coasters. But maybe I have niche tastes.