Can You Guess The Most Popular Emojis?


Today is World Emoji Day, because at some point someone sat down and decided that was something that we needed in our lives. At this point, we’ve stopped questioning the existence of seemingly arbitrary “holidays” like this one. Life is easier when you don’t ask too many questions.

If marketing executives are to be believed, millennials have eschewed the use of actual words in favor of communicating exclusively via modern hieroglyphics, but there is an element of truth in such advertising. You’re probably fairly familiar with emojis, but can you figure out which ones are used the most?

For the record, the statistics used to determine popularity in this instance were mined from Twitter— just because Apple collects all of your information doesn’t mean it releases it to the world. It might be helpful to keep that in mind when you’re taking this quiz.

[protected-iframe id=”3daeda1fe68df880ef00672488f0486e-97886205-55047561″ info=”” height=”364″ class=”apester-media”]

Are you an emoji expert?

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