Pornhub Has Released Its Most Popular Search Terms Of 2014 (And A Whole Lot More)

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Mia Khalifa may be the new queen of Pornhub, taking over for Lisa Ann now that she’s retired, but what people searched for the most on the site throughout the entirety of 2014 has now been revealed in their annual year in review.

As you can see from the handy chart below, “lesbian” made a serious move up the charts as a search term here in the United States, up 15 spots, with “MILF” not garnering near as much favor as it did in 2014. What? No love for the moms anymore?

Among the ladies leading the way, we of course have Lisa Ann dominating, but other names also faired well depending on the country with Sunny Leone, Kim Kardashian and Sasha Grey showing their popularity as well.

Below that we have the complete list of most popular search terms for 2014 in the United States as well as the top gaining search terms which show a 486% increase in searches for “big booty.” Guess Iggy, J-Lo and friends had an effect.

most popular porn search country


most popular porn search terms


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