People Shared Their Most Surprising Sexual Turn-Ons And Yep, People Are Still Pretty Sick

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We are WELL AWARE that people can be turned on by some of the oddest, most mind-blowing things. But leave it to the people of Reddit to come up with some new ones we hadn’t heard before.

You might want to go take a shower after reading some of these things people admitted that they were surprised to find out turned them on.

Girls who loves to take baths with socks on. ~ A_french_chinese_man

I was super vanilla until I met my ex who showed me so many new things. I once tied her up in my closet, in a kneeling position with her arms up above her head with her favorite vibe up her butt, held in place by her panties. I locked her in and let he struggle for about 30 minutes. Then went in, ripped off her soaking wet panties, stuffed them in her mouth and fucked her like crazy. Not going to lie, it’s like impossible for me to meet girls now that I can enjoy that much. ~ Buttcoach

On Halloween a girl I knew dressed as a mime and I was just like “Huh, so that’s something new about me.” ~ A-Perfect-Triangle

Reading about everyone else’s turn-ons, apparently. sigh zip… ~ Ne0evans

One time I had the hiccups and my girlfriend took my hand and sat me down and had a very serious tone. “Remember I went to [nearby town] last week and stayed over at a friends? We went out drinking and I ended up fucking some guy.” I took a moment to process this. She then laughed and explained that she said that to frighten me so my hiccups went away. They sure did. But now I had a boner. ~ Throw7787

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