Think You’ve Got An F’d Up Family? These Family Secret Confessions Have Me Thinking Everyone I Know Is A Murderer

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Every family has secrets, but usually those secrets are more like ‘Uncle Jimbo crapped his pants during Church on Christmas Eve when he let out a shart’ or ‘Aunt Tinnifer is a hoarder who specializes in collecting vintage Hustler Magazines from the 1980s’.

Well, a bunch of people opened up (anonymously) and shared their most scandalous family secrets. These secrets run the gamut from ‘death’ to ‘organized crime’ to ‘incest’, and everything in between. This is quite the interesting look at how messed up families really are behind closed doors, and I think this is something that you bros are really going to be into reading (it’s particularly eye opening knowing how many murderers there are out there running around free). So let’s check out these juicy family secrets, shall we?

I went to Amsterdam with my younger brother. He’s married to a lovely women and has 2 kids. While there he fucked a huge muscular transvestite prostitute both giving and receiving. We get drunk sometimes and talk about it. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

My great grandfather killed two people and the only person who knew was his wife and myself. I found out after he died when I found his journal in the house. I was the only one really close to him because the family knew he killed his wife. That’s the first thing. No one could prove it, and it was a mercy killing as she had cancer and assisted suicide wasn’t a thing. He was my grandfather though and I loved him. I was told not to spend time with him but did.
When he died I was in his wood shed. He spent a lot of time out there whittling and no one thought to check for valuables out there. The family gutted the house and his son put it up for sale. Out in the wood shed was his journal in a tool box. I read it from cover to cover. He was bullied for years by someone from another family and he eventually drowned him in a creek and left him there. They found his body weeks later after it was washed up elsewhere. They said it was a swimming accident. The journal said he told his wife, who then used this information to get him to kill her because she didn’t want to live any longer but couldn’t get into heaven if she killed herself. The whole thing was so fucked up. I still love my grandfather but goddamn.

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