This Motorcycle Crash Video Will Give Your High School Driver’s Ed Teacher An Aneurysm

Keep your eyes on the white car in this video. What a terrible driver. He’s everything your driver’s ed teacher would hate: Doesn’t single, skips from the far right lane to the left turning lane, clearing doesn’t know how to use his rear-view mirror. He’s the worst. I hope his license is immediately revoked.

If you are a driver’s ed teacher, I imagine this video gave you an aneurysm.

Speaking of driver’s ed teachers, why is that they’re either super chill or massively uncool? I had the chillest driver’s ed teacher ever for the classroom stuff, but the guy who I did road testing with was the worst. He would purposely come up with absurd situations to dock us points, like going on rural roads with no yellow road paint, then screaming that I was crossing the double yellow line when there was no double line.

So uncool.