Motorcyclist Chases Down Speeding D-Bag Driver, Road Rage Fight Erupts After 8 Minutes Of ‘Yo Mama’ Jokes

The white car is seen speeding down a residential street. A man on a motorcycle didn’t like the car traveling at unsafe speeds and thought he was a police officer and drove after the car. Kind of a pretentious prick move if you ask me. Follow the car, get the license plate number and notify the police.

The motorcyclist chased the speeder for several minutes until the 4:25 mark. It all comes to a fantastic crescendo at the Walmart parking lot. So poetic. So apropos. So not a surprise.

When the motorcyclist asked the driver why he’s driving so fast the guy responds by saying, “Because your mama fucked me good.” So you know off the bat that not only is this dude a shitty driver, but he also has a shitty sense of humor and resorts to “Yo mama” jokes. And the worst part is that it isn’t even a good “yo mama” joke. You’re driving at an improper speed because you had satisfactory sexual relations with this gentleman’s mother? It doesn’t even make sense. Maybe if he said, “I was driving fast because I was headed to your mom’s house to rattle her dusty, old wizard’s sleeve of a vagina.”

In case the man recording didn’t hear the dickcheese the first time he reiterates, “Your mama fucked me good.”

I will give the fucktard credit, he finally stumbles into a “yo mama” crack that actually works. When the motorcyclist calls the d-bag a “big girl,” he properly responds, “You’re mama was a big girl last night.”

He calls the cameraman “cookie monster,” but then resorts back to 13 straight nonsensical “yo mama” “jokes” over the course of several minutes.

The fuckwit does have a pretty endearing laugh though.

At the 11:40 mark the gentleman proceeds to simulate sex with the rear of the motorcycle.

Finally, at the 11:55 mark the cuntwad hits the motorcycle and that angers the man recording to shove the dude. He hits the motorcycle again, resulting in another shove, followed by several punches that knocks the “yo mama” comedian to the ground.

The fight gets broken up by onlookers and Walmart employees. Both dudes are asswipes and nobody wins. Why couldn’t they just fight in the first 30 seconds of the video and save everyone a lot of time.

Here’s even more road rage goodness.

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