Motorcyclist Rides Up Next To Car On The Highway And Teaches This Kimmy Gibbler A Lesson About Feet

by 3 years ago


Most people remember Kimmy Gibbler and her weird foot problems from Full House. She was always going on about her smelly feet, and they were such a problem they even once caused D.J. to wreck her car as Kimmy hung her smelly ass feet out the window. For decades now that story of Kimmy Gibbler has been used as a cautionary tale to stop kids from hanging their feet out the windows of cars, but according this this video the message is no longer getting through.

The tale of ‘Kimmy Gibbler’s Nasty Ass Feet’ is no longer scaring children off from hanging their feet out on the highway, but thankfully for society there’s one man out there fighting the good fight. He won’t stand to live in a world where idiots hang their disgusting feet out the windows of cars on our nation’s great highways. If he sees a foot sticking out of a window then by golly he’s gonna grab it.

He’s not the hero California is looking for, but he’s the hero California needs at this moment.

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