Prank Caller Destroys MSNBC Reporter Covering Malaysia Airlines Tragedy

by 4 years ago


When asking a man, who claimed to be an eyewitness of today’s Malaysian Airlines tragedy, what he saw, Krystal Ball of MSNBC’s The Cycle failed to listen to most of the words coming out of his mouth. His response to her question was: “Well I was looking out the window and I saw a projectile flying through the sky, it would appear that the plane was shot down from a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.” All Ball heard from that was “the plane was shot down.” Then she proceeded to ask him if he knew what sort of missile system the shot was coming from. He already told you it was coming from Howard Stern’s ass, you fucking dolt.

In related news: I can’t believe a human being named Krystal Ball even fucking exists. Wonder if she saw being humiliated in her future when she woke up this morning.

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