This MTV Cribs-Style Video Tour Of A Beer Brewery Is Proof That Owning A Brewery Is The Most Bro Job Ever

Saranac Brewery makes some delicious brews. Compared to the top shelf prices of competitors like Dogfish Head or Stone Brewing Co., Saranac keeps those brews super affordable. They’re a working man’s craft beer brand, if you will.

Central New York is home to some amazing breweries, one of them being Saranac. It’s arguably is pride and joy of the Utica, New York brewery scene (…sorry, Genesee). The family that owns Saranac’s F.X. Brewing has been in the brewery business for over a century.

Nick Matt — the Chairman and CEO Saranac — decided to show people around his family’s 127-year-old mega mansion and brewery, MTV Cribs-style. It’s proof that owning a brewery is the most Bro-tastic job on the planet. If I could drink beer in a bathrobe while listening to crunchy Phish jams all day, I’d probably be the happiest person on the planet.