The Top 350+ Must-Have Movies for Every Man Cave

by 8 years ago


A man cave is formally defined in the dictionary as an area in a house frequented by a man, such as a workshop, garage, basement, or den. That definition, while technically accurate, doesn’t quite satisfy the essence of this reverent male sanctuary. Constructed from bricks made of pure testosterone, the man cave is a safe haven where men go to do what men love to do most: discuss gelatinous breasts, watch sporting events and movies, revel in their glory days, swig booze, claw at their crotch, and flick boogers on their own floor. It’s a womanless cove where bonding is the only order of business and cold brew is always on tap. Anything less is unacceptable.


A proper man cave requires essential items of manliness, all of which we’ve previously outlined extensively. Arguably the most important element of any man cave is the biggest TV or projection screen money can buy. And to accompany that TV, you need the NFL package (among other sports bundles) and a stout collection of man-cave movies. A man-cave movie is any flick that any real man would gladly watch without wanting to kick your sissy ass afterward. Man-cave movies aren’t just limited to bad-ass action films; as long as the movie makes you want to fight, f*ck, laugh, or kill, it’s fair game (adult entertainmentography not included).


You don’t need to own a man cave to maintain a good collection of manly films, so start collecting now, while you’re young, and hopefully one day you can harbor a solid collection when you do finally get your own cave. With luck, that collection will be as good as the 300+ movies — which span many generations of man — that we’ve compiled. This is a monster list that we’ve broken up into multiple parts alphabetically. If you think we’ve left something out of the first 200 listings, we guarantee it will show up on the 150 movie-strong Honorable Mention list. We’ve pulled killer quotes and provided Amazon links so you can add these movies to your collection. Get watching.






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