MUST-WATCH: This Professional Arm Wrestler Is INSANE, INTENSE, And My New Hero

Bros, meet Mac “Stop Sign” Telle. You probably never heard of him because you probably don’t follow the professional arm wrestling circuit. I can’t blame you — I think that’s on ESPN Ocho at 2PM on Thursday afternoons. Stop Sign is the man and being heralded by some as “the man who could take the sport to the next level.” In other words, he makes it exciting for those of us who want to watch these guys from our couch. Kinda like watching Guy Fieri on TV while stuffing your face with wings from Wingstop. Or as I call it, “Wednesday night.”

Just watch the video above and you’ll understand. Here’s some info someone passed along to me about him:

Mac “Stop Sign” Telle is the most electrifying and absolutely insane amped up entertaining Armwrestler on the planet. With his insane behavior and intense and obnoxious reactions to wins and losses, you cant take your eyes off the stage when this adrenaline busting physco steps up to the plate, With his genuine and crazy lack of repect for his opponents, you will be shocked to see he is not punched in the face.

With his Red Hat and his mouth as his primary weapon you will not be bored watching this man compete in the most brutal and vein popping sports around. Mac “Stop Sign” Telle is Armwrestling and that’s the bottom line.

Have you watched the video yet? DO IT, NOW.

This man is my new personal hero. He’s everything I aspire to be in life — intense, insane, more SWOLE than Ivan Drago, a champ…. The list goes on and on. He’s pretty much the lovechild of Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny and Lincoln Hawk from Sylvester Stallone’s underrated ’80s arm-wrestling drama, Over The Top. Everything this beast does, he does with the tornado gusto of a man who just drank five Monster Energy drinks and just went bungee jumping. His adrenaline is off the charts. I assume a man like Stop Sign is ‘roided the fuck out 24/7, but then again I imagine professional arm wrestling leagues test for that type of competitive advantage these days.

I just want to see him arm wrestle the guy with 19-inch forearms.

Mac “Stop Sign” Telle — Never change, you insane bastard you. Let me know if you need a manager. Because you were born to be a star.