Bronies Are Addicted To Porn And They Love Jackin’ And Jillin’ To ‘My Little Pony’ Videos: These Stats Don’t Lie

by 3 years ago

I’ll never understand the brony culture that surrounds My Little Pony, and why bronies go through life acting like it’s not weird as heck that they all jack and jill it to cartoons. Adult video juggernaut Pornhub released worldwide stats on My Little Pony and brony searches, and before we get to just how ridiculous the ’18 to 24′ age group searching for MLP P0rn is I just want to congratulate my fellow Americans, because USA web traffic and searches for My Little Pony videos on Pornhub only account for 20% of the world average (average amount of searches per country, worldwide).

I’ve got a handful of infographics for you bros about how millennials love My Little Pony porn, what they search for the most, who is doing the searching, and just how much My Little Pony porn is out there. So without further ado, here are the ‘My Little Pony’ Insights from Pornhub (that link is safe for work, no nudity at all):


Pornhub Insights

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