A Mystery Man Shoveled The Boston Marathon Finish Line During The Blizzard, Because Fuck Yeah America!

by 4 years ago

During the blizzard that produced the sixth-most snow in the history of Boston one man decided that he was going to go outside anyway and shovel the Boston Marathon finish line, because, AMERICA.

No one knows who this man is, not even the Boston Police who among many others have been trying to find out his identity so they can express their gratitude.

According to WCVB 5, who have few more photos of the mystery man in question

Boston police took to Twitter with the hashtag #whoshoveledthefinishline to ask for help in locating the man.

Kelsey Karos, who posted a photo to Instagram, told NewsCenter 5, “I do not know the man shoveling. He saw me looking for the finish line while he was shoveling the sidewalk. He knew exactly what I was looking for and came over to help me! Such a great person with some Boston spirit during the blizzard! I wish I knew his name!”

Philip Hillman, who took a photo that has gone viral from a window at the Charlesmark Hotel on Boylston Street, also wants to know who it was.

Hillman told Runner’s World of the photo, “I had no idea it would have this response.”

Needless to say, the photo has been blowing up and people are loving this man who has still yet to be identified.


UPDATE: The Mystery Man has been found and he is a bartender named Chris Laudani. Well done, sir. You made a lot of people VERY happy.

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