This Woman Spent The Last Few Years Hanging Out Naked In Public And The Photos Are Pretty Spectacular

by 4 years ago
Erica Simone Naked

Erica Simone Photography

Erica Simone has spent the past few years stripping down for self-portraits in an unlikely place — the streets of New York. She posed naked on subways, in parks and right out on the street.

Her goal was to force people to confront the basic question: “Naked is who we are and who we come into the world as. So how have we evolved so far away from our utmost primary state of being that it is actually against the law to be nude in public?”

She’s put together the best shots for a new book called Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen. She sat down, unfortunately fully clothed, with the news organization Nobo to discuss her projects and the reactions from strangers as she strolled through the Big Apple without any clothes.

Warning — video has nakedness.

For a complete gallery, check out Erica’s website.

[via NOBO]