Naked Woman Leads Cops On A 100 MPH Chase, Said She Was Too Hot To Wear Clothes

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A woman in New Mexico led police on a high-speed chase reaching up to 100 MPH that ended when she crashed and tried to run from the cops.

Oh yeah, one other important detail: she was also butt-ass naked.

Barbara Arellano was sought after by police after 911 calls reported a driver was throwing items out of a vehicle on the Interstate.

Reports CBS News affiliate KRQE

According to Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, the 51-year-old Arellano did not pull over when deputies tried to pull her over then led them on a chase that hit 100 mph.

Deputies say Arellano crashed her Toyota Rav-4 into a pickup and exited her vehicle naked.

The incident was all captured on camera.

Of course it was (video below).

Once subdued Arellano was taken into custody covered by a blue tarp that a motorist passing by had graciously provided.

Police also reportedly had to also place a mask over her head because she kept trying to spit on them.

But wait, there’s more.

According to The Smoking Gun

Arellano explained that she had “used heroin, took a bunch of pills and drank whiskey just before driving.” As for her lack of garments, Arellano explained that she was hot.

Makes perfect sense to me.

[CBS News, The Smoking Gun]

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