A Completely Naked Woman Walked Into A Store And No One Really Seemed To Care (VIDEO)

naked woman walks into store


Shoppers at a Delran, New Jersey Wawa convenience store were given a special treat on Monday morning when a woman pulled up in her car packed with clothes and belongings, got out, naked, and walked into the store.

That’s right. She had plenty of clothing… in her car, but she wasn’t wearing any of it.

Cameras for NBC10 were on hand at the store taking comments from people about Delran native Carli Lloyd’s big game in the World Cup when they caught the woman on camera.

The woman was inside the store for about two minutes, didn’t appear to have purchased anything, then left the store, got into her car full of clothes and drove off.

Reportedly customers at the store just went about their business getting coffee and other goodies, pretty much acting like this was normal. One man, who you can see in the video below, gave her a little peek then just got in his car and drove off instead of filming it like I would have done. It was like some (awesome) scene out of the Twilight Zone. Maybe this whole Free The Nipple campaign really is working.

Employees inside the store asked the naked woman to leave or they would call the police, according to those who were there to witness this rare and amazing event.

And once again I am left wondering why I seem to be shopping in all the wrong places.


If for some reason that video doesn’t work for you here’s another, lower quality one that you can watch…