20 Names Women Hate Being Called by Men (And Also 20 They Love)

by 6 years ago



Calling your wife/girlfriend/concubine anything but her actual name is something that has been going on since the dawn of man. According to a new study, there are some things women don’t enjoy being called. And the name of a very famous pig tops the list.

As for the names women do like being called, they are even more awful than what they hate. Go figure.


If you’re all sorts of upset that you can no longer refer to your girlfriend as your gooey little “Treacle” (which is the same thing as calling her MOLASSES), don’t fret, because there is a silver lining…

…and it’s that Ball and Chain, Lead Sled, Sugar Tits and, most importantly, Cinnamon Apple are no where on either list! Therefore, THEY’RE FAIR GAME, BABAAAAY!

“You was my baby, my fuckin’ cinnamon apple!”

God. That’s never going to get old.


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