‘Navy Seal’ Shows Off His Hot Girlfriend On 4chan Only To Be Humiliated Once People Discover She Does Porn

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Reading screenshots of 4chan is all fun and games until you get to the part where you find out your girlfriend does amateur porn on the side and never bothered to tell you. Oh, and that outfit she wore when she saw you? It’s the same thing she wore in the porno she shot that morning. Yes, THAT morning – as in there’s a 50/50 chance she didn’t brush her teeth between sucking a fat dick and kissing you hello.

What supposedly happened is that one of 4chan’s random users posted on /b/ (one of 4chan’s message boards) a gif from a porno featuring what looked like his “Navy Seal” friend’s girlfriend, but wanted to make sure it was her and needed the whole video to confirm. Turns out it WAS his girlfriend – and that she’d shot a video the very morning that she came to visit him as evidenced by her wearing the same outfit. You can tell the guy who posted isn’t the same guy in the photo since he says he’s a “Navy Seal,” whereas the man depicted in the photo clearly isn’t wearing a Seal uniform:



4chan2 copy


Of course, once people realized she’d done porn shit started to hit the fan:



4chan3 copy


4chan4 copy


While almost nothing is known about what happened to them in the aftermath, this comment from Redditor MessyRoom is all we have to go on:

A few months ago I was on /b/ and someone had posted they had found a friend’s girl on a porn site but wanted to make sure it was really her and needed the whole video to confirm. Video gets linked, guy sees the video and posts it IS her, not only that but she was visiting her army/navy boyfriend near where the porn studio was so OP links pics of her Facebook with her making out and being all lovey dovey with her boyfriend wearing the exact same clothes she wears in the sex video, and /b/ being /b/ finds both of their Twitter and Facebook accounts and links the video to her and his family and friends, chaos ensued. Good times.

She went from early in the day being with her man, kissing and possibly he wanting to fuck since they hadn’t seen each other in a while and her denying him sex, to later on her getting absolutely plowed by a total stranger.

He broke up with her and she didn’t seem to care about what had happened, she was actually mad people outed her.

No regular anonymous person deserves to get doxxed, but if that person 1. Shoots a porno without telling her boyfriend 2. Agrees to letting said porno be uploaded for public consumption on the Internet 3. Seems like a fucking moron…well, I still can’t say she “deserved” it. But is she a piece of shit?

Oh yeah. And a big one at that.

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