Need to make some new friends…

by 7 years ago

Alright Bros,

I am getting tired of my current friends. My bros are killing me (talking shit about me while I am talking to girls) and the girls in the group are getting bitchy and annoying. It is time for me to try and find a new group.

Ordinarily, that would be no problem. I go out a lot, people knowof me, my current group is popular. Unfortunately, there are quite a few variables that complicate things:

1.) For some reason, nobody is throwing parties as of late, and therefore I don’t have much of a chance to meet people.

2.) My current group of friends is the only really popular group that gets invited to parties and goes out other than…

3.) Private schoolers. I go to a public school, and I know plenty of people who go to private school, but I am not very good friends with them, and not many other public school kids hang out with them. They are all know each other pretty well.

4.) The parties that we do have, the private schoolers and public schoolers don’t really mix.

Primarily, I want to find a group that has cute girls and good bros, but that are still popular so that I don’t find myself playing Monopoly on Friday nights.

Help a high school bro out?