Nelly Is In Deep Shit With The IRS And The Only Way We Can Save Him Is If We Stream ‘Hot In Herre’ 287 Million Times

by 2 years ago

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Early Sunday morning TMZ reported that Nelly, once beloved rapper of middle school dance jams like “Ride Wit Me” and “Hot In Herre,” is in deep shit with the IRS to the tune of $2,412,283. That’s not including the amount of unpaid state taxes he owes the Missouri Department of Revenue from 2013 ($149,511), though after you top the $2 mil mark, what’s another $150,000?

Without our help the guy is ska-ROOD, but for those of us who value nostalgia above all else, there IS a way to help him: streaming “Hot In Herre.” A lot.

According to Spin, artists on Spotify earn between $0.006 and $0.0084 each time one of their songs is streamed. Assuming Nelly is on the $0.0084 side of things, that means, in the best case scenario, that we’d have to collectively stream “Hot In Herre” 287,176,547 times. Assuming he’s on the shittier side, it’d have to be streamed 402,880,500x.

Personally, I do not like “Hot In Herre” enough to play it over two million times. Hell, I don’t like any of Nelly’s songs enough to play them even more than twice in a row. In fact, I don’t even listen to Nelly. That’s how little I care about his music.

I, however, have come to accept that I am alone in this sentiment, as fans started trending the hashtag #SaveNelly to get the movement up and running:

Spin does note, however, that the revenue earned has to be divided between labels and publishers, but so what? Nelly’s getting SOME of that cash at least, and besides, do you really have anything better to do with your day? I think not.

[H/T Spin]


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