Put Plastic On Your Couch, Pornhub’s New App Let’s You Watch Porn On Your TV For Free!

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When is the last time you watched porn on your television? Years? Maybe even a decade? Sadly, we’ve regressed in our pornographic viewing throughout the years as technology has drastically advanced and changed.

This may sound foreign and maybe even barbaric to younger readers, but there was a time when to enjoy an adult flick you had to purchase/steal/rent a DVD or even worse, a VHS cassette tape, and play the media on a player that broadcasts the XXX action to a large TV in your bedroom or the living room in your parents’ home. Yes, that same living room where your loving relatives celebrated your nana’s 91st birthday as they eat a Costco cake sitting on the same couch you spilled baby batter on the night before.

Streaming video has altered our porn-viewing habits severely from the days of yore where you watched talented women like Jasmin St. Claire, Jill Kelly and Tera Patrick on a 56-inch Proscan rear-projection TV. Now you ogle at porn on your 21-inch screen on your laptop or your 3.5-inch screen on your phone.

But everyone knows that bigger is better!

Pornhub is about to change the game. They realize that it’s time to stop squinting and bring porn back to the big screen. The adult entertainment site just launched a free app for Roku that enables you to watch free, glorious porn on a big screen.

From Pornhub:

We just announced a Roku app today. Available now, the private channel can be downloaded through the Roku device for free, providing users with access to all 5 million videos on Pornhub. For those who have Pornhub Premium memberships, they are able to access premium content via the Roku device with no advertisements.


RIP stain-free couches.

It makes so much sense, I don’t know why it took so long. Porn is being recorded in high definition and 4K, but we’re watching this high-quality video on a tiny screen. Move that shit to a big screen television and get ready to be immersed in porn til your hand falls off or until your Aunt Gretna and Uncle Pete unexpectedly come over and catch you cranking it to an high heel humiliation BDSM vid.

Let’s make porn big again.



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